Making Life An Adventure: Outdoors is Always More Fun

America On Wheels Museum is ready to get back on the road and take the Wheels for a spin, now that spring is here and COVID is in the rearview mirror. To herald the warmer seasons and celebrate fresh air and outdoor fun, the museum is announcing the opening of its next exhibit: Making Life an Adventure: Outdoors is Always More Fun!  This exhibit showcases having fun outdoors. Exhibit opens to the public from April 27 through October 2022.  “Travel is truly an adventure and a great way to explore and discover the beauty of nature states Linda Merkel, Museum Executive Director.” 

Headlining this exhibit will be a 1959 H&H Fiberglass Boat & Gator Trailer. H&H fiberglass boats (named for Marve Hartman and Ben Herr) were produced in the late 50s to mid-60s from a handmade two-piece hull mold and one-piece deck mold. The hull and deck seam was fiberglassed together as a one-piece unit. For the time, this was considered ultra-modern, incorporating many unique features, including a double bottom with Styrofoam core, no wood construction, v-bow flare for “dry ride,” round chine for maneuverability, flat bottom, and more. This boat and trailer will be on loan by Robert Tule of Muncy, PA.

Also on exhibit will be:

1964 Studebaker, loaned by Bob Reese

1969 Buick Wagon, loaned by Keith Flickinger

1970 VW Westfalia Van, on loan from Greg Cain

1953 Mercury and 1972 Scotty camper, both loaned by Jed Wood

1963 Greenbrier Van, loaned by Tim Schwartz

Greenbrier Amphibian Lane Motor Museum (Reliable Carriers)

1955 Hudson loaned by Dr. Blake

Fin Boat loaned by Bob Tule

1961 Corvette loaned by Bob Colfer

On display in the lobby of the museum will be a 1949 Chevrolet Canopy Express, on loan from Ross Gale.