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Restoration Learning Center

Visitors of all ages can see the creative and restoration processes that go into returning classic vehicles to their original state of grandeur.
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America On Wheels educates, entertains and offers new ways of looking at the history of transportation technology.

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Please register in advance for all “Community Programs” by calling 610-432-4200.

engineThe major steps in the restoration of a collector vehicle are taught in the Museum’s Restoration Learning Center that opened in April, 2013. There are four vehicles on display. One vehicle represents the ideal restoration project, another is in preserved original condition, the third is totally restored and the fourth is an example of a car that could be restored or preserved. Video descriptions are used in support of various processes for the restoration.

Visitors, especially students of all ages, are going to have the chance to touch, feel, see and experience the restoration process with real life samples.

Learning opportunities include: Engines, chassis, photography, cataloging, documentation, body paint, chrome, upholstery

Education at America On Wheels
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Teacher Preview – Offered every year, the Teacher Preview is a FREE event for educators. Come and see how to integrate the Museum’s educational programs into your curriculum for classroom learning and fun! Complimentary refreshments provided. Parking is FREE. At the Teacher Preview, you will: Take a docent guided themed tour, meet the docents and take home a copy of the activities provided. The teacher preview is offered the 4th Saturday each year in July from 10:30-12:30 p.m. When you bring your classroom to America On Wheels you can rest-assured that they will experience a comprehensive educational program that is informative, interactive and fun!

Restoration Learning Center – Building a restoration learning center that can inspire children and young adults to pursue a career in the automotive industry. To provide a hands-on learning environment that will educate young adults on the intricacies of the mechanical and creative processes involved in vehicle restoration.

Magic Seat Belt Tour
Science, History – Grades K-3
20 minute story time & discussion
20 minute art time
30 minute docent-led tour
Through stories, art and activities, as well as, a docent-led “mini” trip through the museum, we will take students on a walk through history in the pretend automotive time machine. Each child will strap on a magic seat belt as we take them on a journey through the galleries.

Different Engines with Many Fuels
Physics, Science – Grades 3 – 12
30 minute docent-led tour
30 minute presentation
10 minute question & answers
Save 20 minutes so you can visit the museum store when your field trip is completed.
Discover the common types of engines used in automobiles, such as the steam, electric, and internal combustion engines and the variation in fuels used over this last century. Students will see real-life examples of cars that use different engines and fuels and discuss prospects of new developments in engines and energy sources in the future such as hydrogen fuel.

Behind the Ropes and Under the Hood (Begins October of 2012 & year-round)
Math, American History, Physics and Auto Shop Awareness – Grades 7-12
40 minute docent-led tour
1 hour technical session
20 minutes questions and answers
Save 20 minutes so you can visit the museum store, too.
Roll up your sleeves and dive in to a living exhibit in the Restoration Learning Center.
First, students will enjoy a docent-led tour that will cover the social and technological history of the automobile. Students will hear about the evolution of the automobile in the United States. Next, students will listen along to our audio tour which will describe the vehicle being restored in detail using story telling and interviews. Finally, students will view the restorations shop that will give them a look under the hood of a unique vehicle. Learn about the body paint, chrome, upholstery, documentation, photography, cataloging and more!

How Does that Engine Work?
This lesson is designed to be both educational and fun! Ages 10-15
Each day will be 2 ½ hours for a total of 5 hours.
Save 20 minutes so you can visit the museum store, too.
Curious about what makes an engine work? Come to this class and find out! The first day will offer a presentation by an experienced instructor on how an engine works, followed by a hands-on examination of the parts of an engine. Also see many types of engines. The second day will offer a hands-on taking apart of a one-cylinder engine by the students to further understand what makes it tick! We are keeping the class small (limit of ten) so there can be a great deal of student involvement.

Museum Scavenger Hunt
Level 1 (6-10 yrs.)
Level 2 (11 years – adult)
Students will explore various exhibits as they embark on a museum scavenger hunt. By answering the questions pertaining to each gallery, students will gain a deeper understanding of the history of transportation.

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Learning and Picking your Career

Children’s Learning Garden
Visit the Children’s Learning Garden along the waterfront during your field trip or summer camp visit!