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America on Wheels’ Blog will feature brief interviews with car and motorcycle enthusiasts each month. This month we take a look at photos from Havana, Cuba. Maria Valentin Gonzalez recently visited Cuba and shared photos that highlight the American vehicles that have ridden Havana roads longer than imagined. In 1961 foreign imports to the island were prohibited so many American vehicles that were purchased had to be maintained throughout the following decades. Some refer to Cuba as a living auto museum since so many Cubans continue driving the vehicles from the past.

mariaWhen Maria Valentin Gonzalez was a little girl in Newark New Jersey she watched her uncles repair and restore classic American cars. The preservation of vehicles became a family pass time as they came together while different family members worked on their cars while enjoying each other’s company.

Maria’s appreciation for classic American design, cultivated by those childhood experiences, led to her capturing these wonderful photos.