What’s In Your Pocket?

Educational Presentation
November 25th Noon – 1:00pm

Presented by Frank & Lanette Peiffer

You will probably have some coins and some bills. We call this money. But, it is more than “just” money. Think for a minute how did they get into my pocket and who made them? How did the U.S. and other countries get to use coins and paper money. Look at the coins from cents to dollars. Each coin tells a story. It tells us when was it made and where. It tells us what artist designed it and the message it conveys. For example, the Lincoln cent. It was first minted in 1909 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. Same for the other coins as well. You will also learn the role that the search for gold and silver played in the formation of the United States.

Paper money is produced by our government at the behest of the Federal Reserve. Each bill bears the seal of the Federal Reserve System, has a serial number that is unique and has the signatures of the Secretary of the Treasury and the Treasurer of the United States. Ever wonder why some bills have a Star * in the serial number? Would you believe that at one time there was a $100,000 bill? The Secret Service was formed in 1865 to catch counterfeiters not to guard the President. And so on. As the song says: Money Makes the World Go Round.