The Future Integration of Autonomous Vehicles

Saturday, April 22nd
1:00pm – 3:00pm

autonomous-vehiclesWill highways be clogged with self-driving cars in 10 years? Will we even be allowed to drive our classic and sports cars surrounded by autonomous vehicles?

Join us as we answer these questions & more with host David K. Whitlock and Dr. Vlad L. Pop, research scientist in human systems engineering at Georgia Tech.

They’ll dive into the future of driving, or lack thereof, and speak to what self driving cars can actually offer versus industry hype and discuss what happens when you put predictable law abiding logic into the chaos of traffic.

Don’t miss your chance to peer into the future of automobiles at the America On Wheels. Tickets to this event are free with your museum admission but you must RSVP by clicking the following link and registering through Eventbrite.

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Seating for this special event is VERY limited.
We look forward to seeing you there!