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America On Wheels Museum Rolls Out New Exhibit

Allentown, PA – America On Wheels Museum will celebrate its sixth anniversary during the weekend of April 12 and 13. A variety of activities will be ongoing all weekend. A special celebration called Born Again at 50 will highlight the 50th Anniversary of Mustang. Our newest arrival is the Iacocca Mustang, number 38 of 45. Each Iacocca Mustang gets a “New Fastback” Diamond interior with the Iacocca emblem embroidered into the front and rear head restraints. The 1-45 serial number engraved dash plaque features the legacy signature of Lee Iacocca, the “Father of the Mustang” who helped create these unique versions of the iconic Mustang.

Weekend celebrations include:

mustangMustang Cruise – Any year Mustang welcome (FREE pre-registration required) at 10am. Little Mouse, an American Mustang Horse of 5 years old, will lead a parade of Mustang Cars departing from City Hall down Hamilton Street to America On Wheels Museum. Visitors can view the vehicles between 10am – 3pm. (NOTE: Little Mouse is the name of the mustang mare, she is an American Mustang from Nevada and is five. She competes at the New Jersey Extreme Mustang Makeover and was a Champion. The owner, Nate Eicher has been training horses for 12 years, specializing in putting solid foundations on them.
Lehigh Valley Grand Prix Demonstration – 10:30 am – 2 pm. Join Lehigh Valley Grand Prix on the museum’s outdoor course. Participants will wear alcohol goggles to demonstrate the effects of drinking and driving. Lehigh Valley Grand Prix is the premier indoor karting venue in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

safetysquareGrand Opening of Safety Square – 11:00 am – The museums newest educational display opens during Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Join Joel Feldman at 11:30 am – Topic: What you need to know to keep you and your loved ones safe. Robin Rivera is the Lehigh Valley Coordinator for the North Central Highway Safety Network, a Community Traffic Safety Project funded by PennDOT. She will provide a free program on a range of traffic safety topics to audiences from elementary school to high school to senior citizens. Time: 11 am – 3 pm

LIN Demonstration – 12:30 pm – Have fun learning science: thought it was cold outside – watch what happens when a banana or balloon is dipped in liquid nitrogen, presented by Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.

The museum will also unveil its newest exhibit Gone But Not Forgotten: Orphan Cars of the 1950’s to Today in the Changing Exhibit Gallery. America On Wheels is very pleased to announce our newest exhibit says Linda Merkel, Museum Executive Director. The term “Orphan Cars” refers to those built by manufacturers that have since stopped production and gone out of business. The products of once famous companies such as Pontiac, Mercury and Studebaker will appear alongside more infamous projects such as Delorean and Edsel. As a bonus within the exhibit, visitors will also view a group of micro cars such as the Vespa and Sebring – Vanguard Citicar. Orphan cars are often the product of big dreams but small budgets, mismanagement of once great companies or flawed designs. Come and see which car companies were once major players in the automotive world, which were mere footnotes in history and which were the infamous flops. Some vehicles on site will be: 1954 Pontiac Chieftain, 1954 Studebaker Commander Coupe, 1957 Hudson Hornet, 1959 Edsel Station Wagon, 1982 Delorean, 1963 R2 Avanti, 1953 Desoto and more.

bulldogThe Anniversary Celebration continues on Sunday April 13th at 1 pm with the Annual Bulldog Beauty Contest. Judges Melanie Falcon, a reporter and anchor at 69 News, Bill White of The Morning Call and Bill Stoeckel of Daniels BMW / MINI of Allentown. The contest begins at 1pm with a parade of 30 bulldogs through the museum corridor leading to the Mack Truck Gallery. The judges’ votes, along with audience participation, will choose winners of “Only a Face a Mother Could Love” and three additional catorgies.

Ongoing exhibits showcase over 70 unique cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles, a 1916 Mack AB Police Paddy Wagon, a rare 2005 Ford GT, and a family oriented exhibit of exquisitely restored pedal cars from the Loren Hulber Collection. America On Wheels showcases exhibits, education, entertainment and year-round events.

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